Emily knocked it out of the park. Overall, Emily’s work brought the whole look together. She helped to make memories that will last a lifetime!”
— Hannah M. (Bride)

Meet Emily

For me, flowers are deeply personal. My mother was a gifted gardener who was constantly giving away everything she worked so hard to sow. She loved watching things grow and would squeal as soon as her sunflowers would show their faces every summer but was always quick to chop down her flowers, wrap them in damp paper towels, and take them to friends. She loved growing things and she loved people and she did both very well.

All I’ve ever wanted is to make beautiful things and love people like my mom did. As a florist, I’m able to do both! My style combines the gentility reminiscent of my time growing up in the South with the wild and independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest. When I’m not flowering, I’m trying my hand at crafting a new cocktail, playing cards with my husband, taking our pup for romps through local parks, or exploring the Oregon coastline with them both. I would love nothing than more to give your wedding the lush, personal touch that will make your day unique, beautiful, and 100% you.